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Reflective IR Opto Switch

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    This is a compact-package, photo-transistor output, reflective photo interrupter, with emitterand detector facing the same direction in a molding that provides non-contact sensing. Thecompact package series is a result of unique technology, combing transfer and injection molding, thatalso blocks visible light to minimize false detection. This device has a long focal distance for thisfamily of devices and has a lead-less (T&R) package, suitable for re-flow soldering.

    High sensitivity
    Cut-Off visible wavelength
    Compliance Halogen Free(Br < 900ppm, Cl < 900ppm, Br+Cl < 1500ppm)
    Compliance with EU REACH
    This product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version.
    Optimal Sensing Distance: 4 mm
    Package size : 4.0*3.0*2.0 mm

    Detection of object presence or motion.
    Example : printer, optical storage, Projector

    TypeReflective Photo Interrupter
    Min. Ic ON60uA
    Max. Dark Current / Count100nA
    Typ. Forward Voltage1.25V
    Max. Forward Voltage1.4V
    Min. Operating Temp.-25C
    Max. Operating Temp.85C
    PackagingTape & Reel
    Min. Storage Temp.-40C
    Max. Storage Temp.100C

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