COVID-19 Information

New Transit Times

As you are aware the Coronavirus is continuing to spread resulting in “Shelter at Home” and “Stay at Home” Executive Orders that have now affected all of our offices...Click here to read more.

California "Stay At Home" Executive Order

Due to the statewide Executive Order “Stay At Home” in California all employees will be working remotely with the exception of our warehouse personnel...Click here to read more.

EVERLIGHT Releases UVC3535NUB Series for Medical Treatment, Water and Air Purification/Sterilization

Everlight releases its new ELUC3535NUB series of UVC products for the maintenance of life quality and health, using the epitaxial and flip chips on the sapphire substrate to guarantee quality and sterilization...Click here to read more.

Impact on Supply Chain due to Coronavirus in China - Update

The Coronavirus is continuing to spread and affect many different parts of the world. Global efforts by CDC, federal government and public health officials at this time are focused concurrently on...Click here to read more.

Impact on Supply Chain due to Coronavirus in China

The current spread of the coronavirus infection in China led to the extension of Chinese New Year Holidays by February 9th. This affected two of our factories...Click here to read more.

Horticulture & Agricultural LEDs, Growth Light Sources


The easiest way to achieve effective agricultural lighting is to provide a spectrum of light that best replicates sunlight OR by providing the necessary spectrums / color combinations for specific functions. Color combinations vary depending on region, time, temperature, plant, plant cycle, production targets and many other factors.

EVERLIGHT has all the basic colors needed for replicating sunlight and activating specific functions for agricultural lighting. For any part of the spectrum where additional colors need to be added to the spectrum or additional light functions are needed, there are different EVERLIGHT color LEDs available for customer selection and tuning. Click here for list of products...